Further Into One Page Web design: Pros and Cons

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4-Con: Optimization Flaws. The main flaw with the one page web design is optimization. When a website has its home,about,and contact pages all bunched in one page, the web developer doesn’t have any place to tag those pages separately by adding meta tags in the head section because the only head section meta tags are on the home page since its a 1 page design.

5-Pro: Eliminated Factors. The one page web design has a sleeker look aboard. The sidebars are off the page and no widgets are presented. The one page design promotes more white spaces on the page and has eliminated all the extra factors that a website once had.

6-Con: Social Sharing Disadvantage. Another flaw with this design is that a company, for example, cannot share their about page on social media sites because it is only on the homepage and it doesn’t exist anywhere else. The about, reviews, services, and contact pages are the most important pages for a company. These pages make a big impact and not having the ability to share these pages can present a social disadvantage.

7-Pro: Favored by Web Visitors.  The one page design provides a clear and easy understanding of a web page and by this, it produces a web visitor-friendly area. UI Interactive Animations and video backgrounds are commonly seen on 1 page web designs.

8-Con: Reduced Page Count. The more quality pages a website has coming out of it, the better it is for SEO. The one page design reduces page count because as mentioned above, it places the most important site pages on one page. Page/Url reduction is a definite con.

9-Pro: Mobile Friendly. This biggest pro of the one page design is that is mobile friendly! This design is the essential role model of what a mobile friendly web page should look like.

10-Con: Creativity is a Must. For this type of design to work, a web designer must be very skilled to not make this page boring since its so long. Creativity must be on an advanced scale or else it won’t work out.

One Page Web Design: Pros and Cons

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The one page web design has become one of the most popular web design trends on the web this year and it looks like this trend will be here for a long time to come. The one page design has changed the way and shape of design for the visual eye. It has enchanted user experiences,but it has some SEO flaws that we must all acknowledge. Read our top 10 Pros and Cons you need to know about on the 1 Page web design.

Top 3 Pros and Cons

1- Pro: Vertical Design. The one page web design is a top to bottom display. This means that the navigational menu doesn’t navigate from page to page, like in a multi-page design,but it navigates in an auto-scrolling motion within the page. This vertical design has brought a unique look to websites.

2-Con: Items all in 1 page. The problem with the one page web design is that all items are on one page. For example, the home,about,services,and contact are all on one page. This disables these pages from having different links indexed on google search engine and other popular search engines. So if a regular person takes out their pocket phone and searches the companies about page on google, it won’t be indexed because it doesn’t exist. This can cause a problem.

3-Pro: Company Showcase. The one page design showcases what a domain is about all on one page. It gives a regular user an easy way of understanding what a company has to offer all on one page.

5 Common Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

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 Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

 1-Increased Font Sizes. Large text promotes a mobile friendly web design.

2-Larger Images. Large images are much easier to be seen on mobile devices.

3-More and More White Spaces. White spaces create a cleaner web design look.

4-Scrolling Effects/Long Scrolling. Long scrolling with or without effects creates a great and fun user experience.

5-Vibrant Colors. The plain colors are out and the vibrant color are in!

Web Design Tricks to Improve SEO

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Top 4 Web Design Tricks to up your SEO:

1-Images. A great website should have some great quality and full resolution images. However, one must understand that high res images lead to large kb sizes. It’s important not to have a heavy website. A heavy website leads to a slow loading page and ultimately will lead to a high bounce rate since your viewers will most likely exit the web page due to its slow loading speed. To prevent this from happening and lower your image kb sizes, there is one easy way of doing this without cropping your images. Start to compress your jpg and png files. Compressing your images will make your images about 60% lighter and will make your site much lighter.

2-Css Compression. Web designers have to use CSS to design their HTML/PHP page. However, too much code and messy code can be very bad for SEO. Compress your CSS files, this will remove those excess lines that may be written more than once and can easily be put into one line.


Bad CSS Code

h1 {

    font-weight: bold;


h2 {

    font-weight: bold;


Smart and Clean CSS Code


    font-weight: bold;


As you can see above, we are using one operation to write 2 things, instead of opening 2 brackets and typing    font-weight: bold;’  two times.

3-Javascript. Don’t let your javascript be another flash. Flash was known for great effects but was also very heavy for websites to run with. Javascript came as a perfect replacement for flash. Javascript offers great effects at a very light code. However, some web developers may overuse javascript files and when adding too many js files it will result in the website being as heavy as flash. Remember not to overuse Javascript coding.

4.Mobile Web Design & Development. Mobile devices have gotten immensely popular these past 2 years. With so many people using mobile devices on a regular basis, there are new standards in web design. Mobile friendly web design is in style and here to stay.

What are the 4 ways to make your web design mobile friendly?

  1. Change your layout from a fixed design to a Responsive Design.
  2. Increase Font Size.
  3. Model out a One Page Design Style
  4. Minimal Elements on Page. Remove heavyweight elements/widgets on a web page.

To get back in the loop, a perfect web design is one that has complimentary seo. Follow these simple tips above for your site.

LV MTJA 24: Top 3 SEO Website Goals

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A website design that compliments and showcases a business to its fullest potential is desired by every business owner to have. Every element down to the specific color of the website matters. Even the placement of particular items in positions where a user is most likely to look by just enter the website is an important part of a great design. Every great web design must understand a bit of web psychology before creating that perfect design. However, no matter how good a website design looks visually, its search engine optimization must be equivalently up to par to compare. What is a visually amazing web design without a great visibility ranking? As you can imagine, no search engine visibility means lower ranking results and it will be highly unlikely for any internet searcher to even click on the website.

Top 3 SEO Website Goals Should be:

1- Being unique. Being unique from your competitors is just the start of creating that difference from yourself and others.

2-Keywords. Selecting the right keywords that will attract possible leads that will end up being clients in the future.

3-Truthful.Google does not do well with ‘general terms’ and or a company that wants to blend in with all the rest. Be very direct and truthful with what you have to offer on your website.