5 Common Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

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 Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

 1-Increased Font Sizes. Large text promotes a mobile friendly web design.

2-Larger Images. Large images are much easier to be seen on mobile devices.

3-More and More White Spaces. White spaces create a cleaner web design look.

4-Scrolling Effects/Long Scrolling. Long scrolling with or without effects creates a great and fun user experience.

5-Vibrant Colors. The plain colors are out and the vibrant color are in!


Autoplaying Elements -Web Design

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 Auto Playing Elements on a website are so 2004. Now web design has changed. Some elements from the past have been brought back, but they have been modified with different touches. Therefore, autoplaying music is a big NO in design, but auto playing videos with NO sound are a big DO in web design.

Live Chat Integration Trend for Businesses

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 Live chat integrations are very popular in 2017. All businesses are recommended to add a live chat element on their website.

What are some of the benefits of adding a live chat to a website?

1-Instant communication portal with a potential client.

2-More user satisfaction.

3-Better business support online.

The Top 3 Video Editing Softwares of 2017

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 There are 3 most preferred video editing softwares that big time studios use actively for commercial edits and movie editing. Video softwares are always advancing each year.

What are the top 3 video editing softwares of 2017?

1-Adobe Premiere Elements

2-Magix Movie Edit Pro

3-Avid Media Composer

Add Fancy Fonts on your Website

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 There is no doubt that text that looks better will get more reads!

Grab visitors attention with your fancy web fonts.

The Dos of Online Fonts

1-Do add something creative.

2-Do have a mix of thin and thick text.

3-Do add 2 font styles.

The Don’ts of online Fonts

1-Don’t add more than 3 font styles.

2-Don’t add unreadable text.

3-Don’t add only thick text.

What is the easiest way to add creative text on your website?

The number 1 selection is Google Fonts.

Developing Something Responsive

 Developing Something Responsive

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 Every web design now a days has to be responsive. Truth be told, responsive web designs are actually much more convenient for all users who browse on any device. This is the reason why people technological beings prefer to have a responsive web design.

So to all web designers and developers. Here is your tip of the day.

Always design for all devices.