Live Chat Integration Trend for Businesses

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 Live chat integrations are very popular in 2017. All businesses are recommended to add a live chat element on their website.

What are some of the benefits of adding a live chat to a website?

1-Instant communication portal with a potential client.

2-More user satisfaction.

3-Better business support online.

HtAccess Increases Security In Every Way Possible

HtAccess Increases Security In Every Way Possible

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 The HTAccess is one of the most hidden, but useful files to take advantage of. Not to many people take the HTaccess file too seriously, in fact, it is overlooked at times.

What are the top 4 things to take advantage of in the Htaccess File?

1-Block out those nasty bots

2-Secure your file directory

3-Implement customs settings per page

4-Add Cache Preferences.

Celebs are Investing Online

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 Celebs are going to the online market for some quick profits. Motivated by the top tech tycoons, Celebs want the same result form investing in the top companies. Being apart of a technological organization that is constantly advancing is a great thing to do!

What are the top 5 Celebs and Their Investments?

Number 1- Robert Downey Jr- Downey Ventures for funding start up tech companies

Number 2- Jessica Alba – The Honest CO e-Commerce Website

Number 3- Leonardo DiCaprio – Invested in Mobli a photo and video sharing network

Number 4-Ashton Kutcher- Invested in a variety of companies such as Uber, Flipboard, Skype, pinterest, and AirBnb.

Number 5- Tyra Banks – Fierce Capital – Funding female companies.