Further Into One Page Web design: Pros and Cons

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4-Con: Optimization Flaws. The main flaw with the one page web design is optimization. When a website has its home,about,and contact pages all bunched in one page, the web developer doesn’t have any place to tag those pages separately by adding meta tags in the head section because the only head section meta tags are on the home page since its a 1 page design.

5-Pro: Eliminated Factors. The one page web design has a sleeker look aboard. The sidebars are off the page and no widgets are presented. The one page design promotes more white spaces on the page and has eliminated all the extra factors that a website once had.

6-Con: Social Sharing Disadvantage. Another flaw with this design is that a company, for example, cannot share their about page on social media sites because it is only on the homepage and it doesn’t exist anywhere else. The about, reviews, services, and contact pages are the most important pages for a company. These pages make a big impact and not having the ability to share these pages can present a social disadvantage.

7-Pro: Favored by Web Visitors.  The one page design provides a clear and easy understanding of a web page and by this, it produces a web visitor-friendly area. UI Interactive Animations and video backgrounds are commonly seen on 1 page web designs.

8-Con: Reduced Page Count. The more quality pages a website has coming out of it, the better it is for SEO. The one page design reduces page count because as mentioned above, it places the most important site pages on one page. Page/Url reduction is a definite con.

9-Pro: Mobile Friendly. This biggest pro of the one page design is that is mobile friendly! This design is the essential role model of what a mobile friendly web page should look like.

10-Con: Creativity is a Must. For this type of design to work, a web designer must be very skilled to not make this page boring since its so long. Creativity must be on an advanced scale or else it won’t work out.

5 Common Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

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 Design Elements with the 1 Page Design

 1-Increased Font Sizes. Large text promotes a mobile friendly web design.

2-Larger Images. Large images are much easier to be seen on mobile devices.

3-More and More White Spaces. White spaces create a cleaner web design look.

4-Scrolling Effects/Long Scrolling. Long scrolling with or without effects creates a great and fun user experience.

5-Vibrant Colors. The plain colors are out and the vibrant color are in!

Live Chat Integration Trend for Businesses

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 Live chat integrations are very popular in 2017. All businesses are recommended to add a live chat element on their website.

What are some of the benefits of adding a live chat to a website?

1-Instant communication portal with a potential client.

2-More user satisfaction.

3-Better business support online.

Add Fancy Fonts on your Website

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 There is no doubt that text that looks better will get more reads!

Grab visitors attention with your fancy web fonts.

The Dos of Online Fonts

1-Do add something creative.

2-Do have a mix of thin and thick text.

3-Do add 2 font styles.

The Don’ts of online Fonts

1-Don’t add more than 3 font styles.

2-Don’t add unreadable text.

3-Don’t add only thick text.

What is the easiest way to add creative text on your website?

The number 1 selection is Google Fonts.

HtAccess Increases Security In Every Way Possible

HtAccess Increases Security In Every Way Possible

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 The HTAccess is one of the most hidden, but useful files to take advantage of. Not to many people take the HTaccess file too seriously, in fact, it is overlooked at times.

What are the top 4 things to take advantage of in the Htaccess File?

1-Block out those nasty bots

2-Secure your file directory

3-Implement customs settings per page

4-Add Cache Preferences.