Celebs are Investing Online

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 Celebs are going to the online market for some quick profits. Motivated by the top tech tycoons, Celebs want the same result form investing in the top companies. Being apart of a technological organization that is constantly advancing is a great thing to do!

What are the top 5 Celebs and Their Investments?

Number 1- Robert Downey Jr- Downey Ventures for funding start up tech companies

Number 2- Jessica Alba – The Honest CO e-Commerce Website

Number 3- Leonardo DiCaprio – Invested in Mobli a photo and video sharing network

Number 4-Ashton Kutcher- Invested in a variety of companies such as Uber, Flipboard, Skype, pinterest, and AirBnb.

Number 5- Tyra Banks – Fierce Capital – Funding female companies.

How to Become Famous on Youtube

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 There are people on youtube which have hundreds of millions of followers, some, have so much popularity that they beat a Hollywood star! There is a way to become popular and famous on youtube, read below.

How to become famous instantly on youtube?

1-Constant posting on a schedule.

2-Share with all your friends

3-Do something out of box.

4-Share on social sites

5-Follow others and have an active social media marketing campaign.

Apple tech

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 Apple is known for releasing some of the most modern new software apps and computers. Apple photos is just one of those softwares that comes with every mac and can be used for a variety of different things.

What is the coolest thing about the Apple Photos editor?

It can auto crop faces and identify them.

What is the 2nd coolest thing about apple photos editor?

It is super easy to use and has locational features.

What do we use apple photos for?

Photos is easy to crop images, quick retouch, color tone switch, and rotate. Saving albums and albums of image files on apple photos is a common thing to do!

What operating system does apple photos work on?

macOS, iOS,  tvOS, and watchOS

What is our review?

5 stars.

Aperture 3: Great Textures, Zooms, and Color Control

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 Aperture is one of our most favorite photo editing softwares out there. Developer by Apple Inc 11 years ago, Aperture 3 is the latest version out.

What can aperture be used for?

1-Creating Custom Backgrounds

2-Photo Portrait Edits


4-Color Control ( color parts of a picture and leave others unsaturated)

5-Zooming in for the details!

6-Lifestyle Photography