Psychological Thinking Behind Web Design Colors


This season is the perfect time to become aware of what is currently trending for web design and what components can make a website better for user experience and increase visibility rankings in search engines!  The to most important things that a web designer must focus is is web site colors and creating a mobile friendly layout.

Breaking down the 3 Goals of Website Colors

1-Company Representation. A color must represent the brand very well and this means that a color must accompany the tone of the business. If the business is a construction company, most likely tones of orange and browns come to mind. If the company builds buildings, the colors gray and white come to mind. Every company is should use colors that represent what the ideal image and tone of their business is about. 


2-Easy on the Eye. Colors should be easy on the eye. This means that the web designer must use color contrast evenly. The web designer must make it a habit to avoid colors that may be too bright in the background and light colored font text. Vibrant colors are in style 2016.


3-True to the Color Theme. Stay true to the color theme of the website with all the web page. This means that a web designer must not have a color theme that is different on the home page and completely different on the contact page. 

Relations of Psychology Website Colors.

Different color shades portray different meanings. There is more to color than just the simple definition of the word itself.

A great web designer must understand that there is a psychology behind the selection of website colors. Some colors insist a more up beat energy, while other colors may insist a professional energy. A website color should be selected based on the personality of the brand and the product that it has in mind to market. 

Finding the Perfect Color Shade Tip:

The perfect color shade can be used by taking a look at the HEX Color wheel that is available for free on the web, but lets throw in another scenario. If a web designer sees a magazine and he really likes a color shade in it. What can he do to get that exact color shade for his website? Well, this can be done by a quick and easy trick! The web designer can take a clear picture of the magazine page, upload it to his computer, open photoshop, and take out the eye dropper tool which will capture the exact color shade.

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